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Eeva Tuomi (b.1992) is an editor and art lover who lives and works in Tampere, Finland. In her work she mainly focuses on editing indie music videos and documentaries.

All her works are usually somehow linked with pop culture which is one of her biggest interests and sources of inspiration. In video productions, she’s especially interested in studying the line between commercialism and artistic expression. In creative works her preferred editing style is experimental, fast tempo, graphical and playful. What inspires her most are music, colors, photography, people and social phenomena.


2016 Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Bachelor’s Degree Program in Film and Television

Thesis (in Finnish, the abstract also in English):
The Impact of Montage, Avant-garde and Art Film on Editing Modern Music Videos

2015 – 2016 Wacky Tie Films
2014 Fonal Records
2012 Kulttuuripaja, City of Tampere

Editing works
2018 Ravintola C documentary, ordered by Tampere Food Club
2018 Avanto-Erkki feature documentary
2017 The Goodiepal Equation feature documentary
2016 Kuka liikuttaisi vuorta – Näin tehtiin Samurai Rauni Reposaarelainen making of documentary
2016 Reikäreuna, toistaiseksi documentary
2016 Food recipe videos (multiple), ordered by Valio
2016 Pyynikin Käsityöläispanimo Beer Commercials, ordered by Tampere Food Club
2016 Tampereen Paras Burgeri (9 videos), ordered by Tampere Food Club
2016 Hexvessel – When I’m Dead
2016 Movie trailer: Fair Play documentary (produced by Wacky Tie Films)
2016 Commercial video, ordered by Helsingin aikuislukio (produced by Wacky Tie Films)
2016 Movie trailer: Ajatuksia rakkaudesta short film
2015 Juustosoppi, ordered by Tampere Food Club
2015 4 Vuodenaikaa & Nygren, ordered by Tampere Food Club
2015 Death Hawks – Behind Thyme
2015 Filming and editing interviews, ordered by Teatteri Siperia, Suorittajat
2015 Pintandwefall – Seasimularo
2015 Näsilinna, ordered by Tampere Food Club
2015 Artist interviews for the web, ordered by Mänttä Art Festival
2015 U.F. Ojala – Olento
2014 A Day in the Mouth Documentary: Lau Nau
2014 Ice hockey commercial, ordered by Tappara

Other related work
2014 – 2016 Samurai Rauni Reposaarelainen feature film: script supervisor, assistant editor
2015 Maa ilman arvoja short film: script supervisor
2015 Fine Art Photography Group Exhibition: Findings, at Mediapolis
2014 Barry Andrewsin Disko – Yksinkertainen mies: actress, assistant
2014 Tampere Film Festival: volunteer ticket sales person

2015 Moderni Kanuuna ry

Language skills
Finnish, English, German, Swedish, French